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Board of Directors


7851 Dr. Mike Bardon graduated from RMC in Mechanical Engineering in 1969 and then served 5 years in the Electrical & Mechanical Engineering branch of the Canadian Armed Forces. He was then a civilian professor in the Department for 31 years, serving as Head of the Department from 1996-1999. He retired in Kingston in 2008.

Deputy Chair

7964 Commander (retired) Don Bell served for 24 years in the Navy, and another 23 in the Federal Public Service. He began his studies as a Preparatory Year cadet at CMR Saint-Jean and graduated in Mechanical Engineering from RMC in 1969. He completed an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at City University, London and an MBA at St Mary’s University, Halifax. Upon retirement in Ottawa in 2013, Don took on several volunteer roles in his community – primarily in Scouting and Community Theatre. In 2019, he assumed his most recent volunteer duties as Adjutant of the RMC Old Brigade.


15595 Dr. Billy Allan graduated Mechanical Engineering in 1986 and served 26 years in the airforce, returning to RMC as Military Faculty in 2001. With the launch of the Aeronautical Engineering stream, he became a civilian professor and remains committed to making the department an exciting place for students.


26664 Captain Zach Marshall graduated from RMC in Aeronautical Engineering in 2016. After working on the Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue replacement project with the Systems Engineering Management team for a few years, Zach has returned to RMC in his current position as military faculty with the department.

Ex-Officio Member

Dr. Mohsen Ferchichi is the current Department Head.

Directors without Portfolio

8539 Colonel (retired) Graham Lindsay graduated from RMC in Engineering and Management in 1970, after having started at the CSC Royal Roads. He then served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 37 years. In 2001 he returned to RMC as a member of the faculty, and served as the Head of the Department of Applied Military Science, the Department Head of Mechanical Engineering, and with RMC’s Division of Continuing Studies. He has been a supporter of the Cordite Foundation since its inception.

24473 Major (retired) Paul Bordush, MSc, PEng graduated from RMC in the first class of Aeronautical Engineers in 2009 and obtained an MSc in Thermal Power from Cranfield University in 2014. He served as an Aerospace Engineer for 15 years before retiring his uniform in 2020 after a brief period as military faculty in the Department. He continues to work with DND and has maintained ties to RMC through the Foundation and research projects.

12248 Craig Wood